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cctm consulting AG has developed and implemented successful solutions for more than 100 companies and institutions. We see ourselves as silent workers and supporters in the background. In an effort to develop the best solution for you as a customer, we can access a national and international network of experts, if necessary.

The range of services of cctm consulting AG
cctm AG
Development of business models
. Enable companies and organisations to identify and develop growth potential
. Make our national and international network available for searching suitable successor solutions and support the sellers in the implementation
cctm AG
Refinement of business models
. Professionalise organisations on management, processes, financial transparency and alignment in view of new regulations and requirements
Enable non-profit organisations to face future financial, organisational and strategic challenges
cctm AG
Crisis management
. Support companies comprehensively in crisis situations and achieve the desired turnaround with a sustainable concept
Conclude standstill agreements with key stakeholders (banks, major creditors, etc.) and arrange bridge financing

cctm AG

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